Thursday, December 22, 2011

We're Waiting...

And we are being very patient. Every Sunday at the Sanctuary is Cat Nip Sunday. However, since this Sunday is Christmas we have been told that there will be extra cat nip for all since it is a holiday. We hope that all of you will have as much fun on Sunday as we will. YEAHHH!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

We're Ready To Travel

This is our last romp before our BIG trip to find our forever homes. Tomorrow the four of us are going to New Jersey, and we thought we would tell you how happy we are to have been here. We were born August 22nd and came to the Sanctuary on August 31st 2011. Our mom was hit by a car and killed. The people who owned her did not know how to take care of such young kittens and brought us here. We had to be hand and bottle fed, required antibiotics, heating lamps and lots of attention. There were five of us but unfortunately one of us did not make it. (We heard the lady at the Sanctuary tell our mom's owner that it was very dangerous to let cats outside unsupervised. We hope they will listen!) As for us, it is guaranteed that we will be indoor kitties. We are very excited about finding our new homes, but as you see we have had a lot of fun here and we guess you could say that the Sanctuary saved our lives.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Halloween! All About Eve

This past Sunday we received our Halloween present a few days early. As our manager Gretchen arrived at the Sanctuary, she was greeted at the front door by this little thing, obviously hungry but very friendly. Gretchen opened the door to bring her some food in the hope of coaxing her inside, but it was unnecessary as Eve followed her. We named her Eve in honor of All Hallow's Eve, the other name for Halloween. Eve saw our vet on Tuesday, she is about 7 months old, and, other than being somewhat malnourished, is a healthy cat considering that she must have been outside and on her own for quite some time. She clearly decided that she wanted a home, and we are happy to give it to her. She will get all the food she needs, all of her vaccinations and, as soon as she puts on a little weight, spayed. Then we will try to find her a perfect home; she really deserves one. Eve is truly a special Halloween present.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Luna Update

We told you Luna's story in our April 2011 Newsletter. This picture was recently sent to us and I wanted to share it with all of you. This is one lucky and very happy cat.
In the event you did not read Luna's story in our Newsletter, you can read it below.
If you would like to receive our Newsletter please go to our website CLICK HERE to sign up. We would love to share our stories with you.
Luna's Story
From Box to Boudoir
By Bruce Stutz
When I called Virginia and told her Elaine and I were thinking of coming up to visit, she said it would be great to see us and that it was an amazing thing that I'd called because she had just the cat for us and, in fact, couldn't think of anyone else better to adopt it. Virginia and I had been good friends in Brooklyn, where I still lived, and she knew that one night I jumped out of my car to rescue a starving dog wandering in traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge-a white German Shepherd and Husky mix who then enjoyed a good long life shared with three growing children with whom she hiked, swam, and played.
"We'll drive up," I said. "It'll be good to see you and maybe we'll like the cat," the "maybe" only added because my partner Elaine, who had never had a cat as a pet and was none too certain she wanted one, was within earshot.

We'd never been up to Love and Hope and Virginia said that before we met this special cat she'd give us a chance to meet the scores of other cats she sheltered and administered to. The spaciousness and spotlessness of the well lit cats' quarters astonished us. (We had to put paper surgical slippers over our shoes before we entered.) And when we entered a room the cats came running, jumping down off their high perches, getting up from their cushions, and leaping from their platforms. While a few kept a cautious distance, most came to be petted, rubbing up against our legs and vying for attention, Virginia calling each by name and giving us its personal history-"found abandoned in a barn with his sister," "picked up on the street," "left when the owner moved"-the full litany of sorry stories that pets suffer-and who's friends with who.

"So about this 'special' cat?" I asked.

"She's been in quarantine to make sure she's well."

Quarantine, as it turned out, was a room just off Virginia's office where she could keep a personal eye on her wards recoveries.

"I came out to the office on a day in late October," Virginia says, "and there was a cardboard box at the door. But when I looked I saw that the box had been chewed through and whatever was in it was gone. Toward the woods I thought I saw a white kitten and started after it but it ran off and disappeared.

"As the weather got cold in November I imagined the kitten would never make it and just hoped it had found a protected place. Then, after a frigid three weeks, with a snow storm about to hit, I decided to go to the office and there, lying at the door, was the white kitten, thin, exhausted, but somehow still alive.

"I took her in-what was even more amazing was that she had had her front claws removed-and over the last month she's become just the sweetest most affectionate cat."

It was quite an introduction, and paced so well that by the time we reached the office door we were already in love with this cat we'd never even seen.

And then Virginia brought her out from the quarantine room, a pure white long-haired with a feathery Angora's tail, nuzzling so close to Virginia's throat that she could hardly pass it to me. I passed it to Elaine and the kitten nosed her way up Elaine's throat, nuzzling her face, and purring loudly. Yes, Elaine said, I think yes.

I won't try to tell you how much joy this cat we named, Luna, has brought to us. She's every bit as special as Virginia promised: beautiful, smart, and very funny; loves people; and spends a lot of her day sleeping in her favorite shopping bag. And we have Love and Hope to thank for her.

Friday, September 30, 2011

We Love Lucy

Meet our red head, named after the most famous red head of all time, Lucille Ball. Just like her namesake, she is extremely animated and had to be held for this picture; she just wouldn't be still. Lucy came here in mid August, rescued by a passerby from the side of the road, when she was about 3 weeks old and sickly. After some antibiotics and good food, Lucy has become very healthy and is leaving next week for the Big Apple to find her forever home. Since she likes other kitties, we hope that she will meet her Desi and they can have a fun filled life together. We will miss her as she is such an endearing character and really reminds us of her namesake.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

After Hurricane Irene, We Are All OK!

We want to let everyone know that we were very fortunate in the wake of Hurricane Irene. Although the Sanctuary lost electrical power and it won't be restored until Saturday (we do have generators that have kept the lights on and the washing machines working), everything else is fine. All the animals are safe and there has been no damage to any of our buildings. In fact, it was such a beautiful day on Monday that the cats were able to sun themselves on the catios. However, not everyone in this area has been as blessed, and there has been a great deal of destruction and suffering. We'll do what we can to try and help the others and are truly grateful for having been spared.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hi! I'm Bud and I am NOT a cat!

I am the newest member of the Love and Hope family, officially adopted 2 weeks ago. I am a 6 year old Black Lab and came to Love and Hope because my previous owner (a very nice man) had to surrender me to a local veterinary clinic. I had gotten sick and the vet diagnosed me as having hypothyroidism and Addison's disease, I had to be placed on an extremely expensive monthly injection as well as daily thyroid medication. My owner could not afford this medicine and asked the vet to find a good home for me. I stayed at the vet clinic for several months and in mid July two people that I didn't know brought their dogs to the clinic for their yearly physicals. The vet asked if they would foster me for the summer so I could have a chance to run and play. (I think he knew what would happen, and it did.) Two weeks ago they asked to adopt me and got the OK. I now live with them at Love and Hope together with their other 4 dogs, all rescues like me. The other dogs are pretty cool and maybe I will ask them to write stories about themselves also. Do you see the yellow tag around my neck? That's when I knew it was official; I was given this ID tag with my name, address and phone number, just like my new brothers and sisters have. Now I can ride in the Love and Hope truck, roll in the grass and swim in the pond. I'M HOME!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Kitty Karavan Rolled Again

August has been a very busy month, with the Kitty Karavan traveling to many places. During this month 16 of our kittens have left for various destinations to find their forever homes. These are just a few of them; you may recognize some: the First Family and the children of the Two Mommies. The First Family were off to Rochester, New York, along with their mom. The babies of the Two Mommies headed for Flemington, New Jersey, while their moms were adopted by people near the Sanctuary. Three other kittens headed for Brooklyn, while the last little girl now resides in Trenton, New Jersey. There are many still remaining with us at the Sanctuary as they are completing their health protocol before moving on. We've all become very attached to these precious little creatures and miss them when they leave, but we know that each kitty is entitled to a person of their own and a bed and pillow to sleep on.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Catios in the Catskills

One of the favorite past times of our four legged residents is lounging on the catios. We love seeing them outside where then can bask in the sun, smell the grass and feel the breeze. We know they are perfectly safe as each catio is fenced in and netted on top. It gives them a chance to experience the outdoors while we are assured of their safety. Each one of our group cat rooms has it's own catio and outdoor space to be enjoyed, and they certainly do.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Look at Us! Our First Photos!

Well, here we are at about one month old. We are doing great but do not want to sit still to have our pictures taken. We are a little messy because we are covered in our kitty formula as we are not able to eat on our own. We are getting bigger and stronger every day. We will send some more photos once we get cleaned up a little bit.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

They Are Doing Great!

The two little ones that arrived on May 21st are now a little over three weeks old and are doing great. They are still being fed by hand, but are gaining weight and are very active. Keep them in your thoughts, and hopefully next week we can post some pictures.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So Far So Good

The two little ones who arrived last week are now about ten days old and their eyes have opened. We have to give them tiny amounts of antibiotics as well as feed them every two hours. So far they are doing well. Keep that positive energy coming.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Please Send Positive Energy

On Saturday May 21st, Penny, the animal control officer, brought two one to two day old kittens to the Sanctuary. Something had happened in town and the mother had disappeared. When she didn't return, some concerned people saw the kittens and called Penny. When she arrived here, we immediately placed the kittens on a heating pad and began feeding them at two hour intervals. There is one calico (obviously a girl) and one black (gender not yet determained). As of today their eyes are still not open but they are moving around and are quite active. As you know, it is always touch and go with kittens this little so we need you to send them positive energy and thoughts. We will let you know what happens.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh Dear! Look I'm Here!

Our most adventurous little one has now learned to climb the crate but had to be "rescued". The crates are used only 3 times a day, so the little ones can learn to eat on their own in preparation for leaving the Two Mommies and being adopted. This little darling found a "fun" use for the crate and climbed up on her own but we had to help her down. They are growing so fast and each is developing his or her own personality. This girl is really curious and fearless.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Look at us we're lapping (and also napping)!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

They're Moving!

All eight are about three and a half weeks old and as you can see are beginning to scramble on their own, they are also just beginning to play.

I hope we can post a video next time so you can see them in action.

Say Hello To Lola!

Lola is my "temporary" office mate. She is "temporary" as we hope she will have a new forever home (with a bed and pillows to sleep on) in a few months.

Lola came to the Sanctuary last June and was about one year old. She brought with her four kittens three to four weeks old. They had been found by a caring person in her yard. She contacted us and brought the entire family. The kittens were cared for and have long since been adopted.

Lola had been passing the time in one of the Sanctuary rooms where she could sun herself and be with other cats. When it was time to transport Lola to one of our partner groups to show for adoption, we saw that not only had Lola been sunning herself but that she had been eating more than her share of food. Her weight had increased from 8 1/2 pounds to 11 pounds, a little to much for her delicate frame.

Lola came to live in the office with me so her food intake can be monitored. We told her to consider this as her special time at a Health Spa. As you can see she has made herself quite at home and has lost about a pound. She has a way to go but is off to a good start and then hopefully of to a wonderful new home!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Two Mommies

The two mommies arrived at the Sanctuary on April 7th, 2011, and they did not arrive alone, but with eight little ones born April 2nd-3rd. We received a call that these two wonderful mothers gave birth at just about the same time. A kind lady had taken them into her home not knowing they were pregnant. When they gave birth she told her social worker that she did not have the funds to provide properly for all of them. The social worker contacted us and brought them here. We don't know which kittens belong to whom, but since the two mommies are happy co-parenting, it's just fine with us. The little ones have doubled their weight and are healthy and beginning to crawl around. We haven't named the two mommies yet, and if you have any suggestions let us know.

The First Family

Our first kittens are six weeks old. If you would like to visit with them Click Here.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Kittens Are Coming

The Kittens Are Coming

(and some are already here!)

It is that time of year, a time of hope and sadness, joy and sorrow and laughter and tears. A time of roller coaster emotions, working for endless hours every day, bottle and hand feeding every two hours, medicating when necessary, rejoicing when we are successful and tears when we are not.


This is our first family of 2011. We and the kittens are fortunate as they have their mom. She was brought here for our spay/neuter clinic and the vet determined that she was almost ready to give birth. She had been living in a barn and the people who brought her here allowed us to keep her. She gave birth on March 6th, 2011 to five little ones, four white with colors on their heads and the odd boy (or girl out) a little tiger.

Mama is the best mother you can imagine, she cares for them selflessly, and never tires of providing them with nourishment and warmth. Within a few weeks they will begin to use those little legs and they will be scooting all over and exploring everything. We will try to update you on their progress and perhaps post new pictures on flicker as they grow.

But as I indicated, these are the lucky ones, they were born safe and warm with mom. Most of the kittens we will receive this season will not be so fortunate. From past experience we know that many will come without a mother, found abandoned or along the road, as young as only days old, often weak, sick, dehydrated and malnourished.

We will care for them all, getting out the warming blankets, hot water bottles, and heating lamps. They will be hand or bottle fed if necessary, they will get tiny doses of antibiotics and whatever else they need to give them every chance at survival, and if we are as blessed as in past years, most will.

When they are old enough they will be FIV/FELV tested (if any test positive they will have their home here with us at the sanctuary), dewormed and vaccinated.

Then the kitty karavan will roll transporting them for adoption. Thanks to the help and support of the rescue groups and individuals we partner with in New York City and other locals throughout the metropolitan area, they will find their special persons and their special homes.

Last season this remarkable coalition found super homes for over 100 kittens.

Without the ceaseless efforts of Gretchen, the sanctuary manager, and her dedicated staff, this could not happen. We are grateful to them for all they do to help save these little lives.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Goodbye Until March

This two legged member of the Love and Hope Family is leaving for India tomorrow. This trip is to assist a dear friend in his mission to help the street animals of Mumbai. He and his small group have captured, spayed/neutered and returned over 2,000 dogs as well as too many cats to count in the last several years. They also provide care for those animals who are sick or injured. It is a privilege to help and to be a part of the hope that he brings.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Meet Roady

You could call Roady the Love and Hope mascot as we have come to think of him that way.

He came to the Sanctuary in October, 2005 soon after the Sanctuary opened in September. He wasn't our first cat (one day I will tell the story of the "original 15") but he came very soon thereafter.

He was found by the Town of Franklin Highway Department living outside their office. They were feeding him (he was very thin when they first found him there), but they knew that he could not remain there as winter was coming.

The Highway Department contacted us and we were happy to accept him into the Sanctuary (thus his name Roady, aka The Roadman, in recognition of the people who rescued him).

Roady was about 1 1/2 years old in 2005. He obviously had been injured at some point as his tail is broken. (you can see that in the picture). We then discovered that he had old internal injuries that could not be repaired. As a result, he "dribbles" and dosen't always make it to the litter pan. He is the most affectionate, playful, loving creature imaginable but his "problem" has rendered him unadoptable. He is showered with love by all who work at the Sanctuary and he constantly bring smiles to their faces.

Everyone loves Roady.

Clarence Update!

Just have to announce that Clarence has a friend, a long haired black guy named Maximilian. As you can see they became instant buddies. Clarence is is NOT alone anymore.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CLARENCE IS HERE (and he is famous)

Who is Clarence? He is a beautiful long hair white and brown cat who prefers other cats to people.
Clarence was the subject of an article “Battle in the Garden” which appeared in the New York Daily News on January 10, 2009. He and his friend, Betsy, had lived in a community garden in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, for several years. The gardeners objected to his caretaker feeding them and decided they were to be evicted. That eviction deadline had to be postponed several times. Before a new home could be found, Betsy disappeared. It became increasingly urgent to find a permanent safe place for Clarence.
In December, Clarence arrived at the Sanctuary, thanks to the dedication of his Brooklyn caretaker. He is now safe.
He will receive the care he deserves and will have a chance to make new cat friends. When the weather permits, Clarence can bask in the sun and smell the fresh air as he lounges on one of our enclosed “catios”. (I think that he is going to like this, as it will remind him of his Brooklyn garden.)
We are pleased to be able to give Clarence his “forever” home.